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"Freemasonry is an institution calculated to benefit mankind."

President Andrew Jackson

World Masonic Coin

Solidus Project



World Masonic Coin Solidus represents a masonic ideal, standing up for worldwide masonic projects, mostly, in the educational and healthcare areas. Implementing these projects, we will support young people access to better education and increase the quality of life. We believe that anyone has the right to receive better healthcare services.

World Masonic Coin Solidus purpose is to unite people together in working for a single goal, regardless of sex, color, wealth or his affiliation to a certain culture, religion or political opinion, in order to accomplish the masonic beliefs, being on the service of our Human Society and work without respite to the improvement of Mankind.

We are addressing to about 10 million free-masons, men and women, all over the world, but also to the millions and millions of other people who are co-sharing these high human ideas of Masonry.

We assure that this World Masonic Coin Solidus will be an extraordinary way to contribute to a better and more Humane World.

World Masonic Coin Solidus will be the new cryptocurrency that can be used for medical services in the first World Universal Masonic Hospital.

Our Vision

"We think to much and feel to little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness."

Charlie Chaplin

The Masonic Vision


Thousands and thousands of years ago, people started to build various edifices, temples, pyramids, tombs, monuments, palaces, and later on, churches and cathedrals. Organized in “COLLEGIA”, these associations had never less than 3 members. Passionate, hardworking members with skillfulness and especially with the faith in GOD will later on be known as freemasons.

Chiefs of the states, Presidents, Kings or Emperors have been animated by the masonic ideals like: tolerance, freedom, equality brotherhood and peace based on human justice and people`s rights

The first mason President of the America, Brother George Washington, applied in his entire career his masonic ideal. And also so many others: Emperor Franz I of the Holy Roman Germanic Empire, Emperors of Germany Wilhelm I and Friederich III, King Frederich the Great of Prussia, King Leopold I of Belgium, Emperor Napoleon III, Kings of G.B. Edward VIII, George VI. Illustrious Presidents or crowned heads fought against the worst evils of humanity in every corners of the world: the poverty prejudice, ignorance and racism. President of Mexico Benito Juarez, Jose Marti from Cuba, King Victor Emanuel II of Italy, King of Afghanistan Habibullah Khan, Kings of Sweden Oskar II and Karl XV, Emir of Algeria Abdelkader, King of Jordan Hussain, President of modern Turkey – General Kemal Attaturk, President of Congo Pascal LISSOUBA, President of the first Republic democratic of Russia Alexander KERENSKY, President of Mexico – Benito JUAREZ, the leader of the independence wars of many Latin American countries Simon BOLIVAR, politicians like Italians leaders Giuseppe MAZZINI, Giuseppe GARIBALDI, King of Yugoslavia, Alexander II, King of Serbia Petar I, presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  The freemasons have been the most ardent fighters against the slavery and injustice like the General Lafayette, the President Abraham Lincoln, the French Minister and writer Victor SCHOELCHER, the great leader Martin Luther King Jr. or the President Nelson MANDELA. In all the fields of human activity the ideals of the free masonry have been represented. Men or women enlightened by this philosophy give their best in the art, culture, science, technology, space conquest, sport…


"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

Sir Winston Churchill




Crypto-currencies are a form of digital money which allows you to make online purchases. Unlike regular currencies, they only live online and aren’t backed or controlled by banks and governments.


Crypto-currencies are decentralized and run by a network of computers instead of a single person or a company. The money you own is stored in a digital wallet you keep in the cloud or offline on a PC and can be sent to someone via a computer or a mobile device like a smartphone. Each transaction is recorded in what is called a blockchain environment that is publicly available to all currency holders.


One of the main advantages of cryptocurrencies is that they provide anonymity. Although each transaction is recorded and displayed publicly, you don’t have to share your personal info such as a full name, address, and so forth when sending and receiving payments.


Doing business with cryptocurrencies also has the advantage of being cheap. Although some fees might apply, they are minor and likely less than those charged by banks and other financial institutions. Additionally, cryptocurrencies can’t be counterfeited, unlike physical currencies.

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