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How to create your own virtual wallet

In order to create your own Ether wallet we recommend you to use MyEtherWallet on


Step 1: You must enter a password


Step 2: Save your keystore file


Step 3: Save your Private Key


Step 4: Print paper wallet/save your address

                                                                     Video tutorials:


     MyEtherWallet tutorial                                MetaMask tutorial                            MyEtherWallet to MetaMask

Create wallet
Buy Etheter

How to buy Ethereum

In order to purchase Ethereum, we’d recommend using one of the major exchangers that sell Ethereum for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. For example: Coinbase, Bitfinex, EtherDelta, Binance.

                    Video tutorial

    How to buy Ethereum on Coinbase


How to buy WMCS

In order to buy World Masonic Coin Solidus you must complete these 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Click on the Invest button

Step 2: Fill in all the info required (wallet id, e-mail, country, the amount of coins you want to buy)

Note: In order to invest you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of WMCS

Step 3: Click on MetaMask / Mist

Note: In order to invest safely we recomand to be logged on MetaMask


Step 4: Verify all the info, then click on the generate transaction button, then send transaction, then make transaction.

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